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ARC364 Laboratory Exercises

Paper Ruler by Child

Lab 1

Land Management/Site Design

This lab focuses on how the building's setbacks are determined and obtained.

Brown Notebooks

Lab 2

Site Analysis

This lab focuses on how a schematic is developed for a site plan that is required.

Mountain Peaks

Lab 3

Spot Elevations

This lab focuses on a site plan's spot elevations and topographic contours.

White Wall with Stairs

Lab 4

Swale (with Concrete Pads)

This lab examines the importance of swale and its effect on concrete pads.

Grey Grater

Lab 5

Grading and Cut & Fill

Site grading is the most important aspect of site design.

Parking Lot

Lab 6

Office Grading

Lab 6 focuses on grading the site around an office building.

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