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ARC476 Projects 1 & 2

Project 1 and Project 2 deal with the conceptual design of a dwelling with a square footage limit of 1500 square feet. Using a discrete set of rules of thumb, as well as all prescribed covenant data and land development regulations, a conceptual house was designed and then modeled. 

ARC476 Projects 3 & 4

Project 3 deals with the explanation of proposed coastal development standards from FEMA and the HHS along with recommendations that can be used to reduce the impact of the site in the event of a major natural disaster. Project 4 is a preliminary set of sectional drawings based partially upon the sketches that were developed for Project 1.

Project 3

ARC476 Project 5

Putting the pieces together, this final project is an important continuation of Projects 1 and 4. All drawings are organized onto five sheets that contain key information about elements found on the site plan, the floor plan, elevations, and certain details.

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