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ARC 486:

Architectural Design V

Semester Project: Intermodal Transit Center Introduction 

Part 1: Initial Documents

As was stated in the project syllabus, the objective was to build an intermodal transit center a few hundred feet east of the intersection of SR 24 and SR 110, with Conklin Street continuing to the east of the SR 24 terminus. The site lying southeast of the intersection is Airport Plaza, a shopping center located near Republic Airport. On the lot lying north of the street, the existing conditions show that there are a few piles of dirt and an old hangar located on the site that were required to be demolished. A zoning analysis, SEQR form, and a preliminary scope of work were also performed as part of this initial process, which included a visit to the project site in the first week of the semester. The wall section that serves as the basis for all future design concepts contains all information necessary to begin the design development process. For more information on the site's initial conditions, please visit the links to the left.

Intermodal Transit Center Preliminary Documents

Part 2: Design Development

Design development is a crucial part of the design process, and the preliminary presentations marked the start of the redesign of the building. The initial design called for a box-shaped building, which was later modified many times to account for changing conditions. As part of the design changes, the scope of work and the cost estimate were expected to be modified considerably over the course of the semester, as construction costs change with the addition of newer materials.

In addition, ethics is a key aspect of architecture. All members of the AIA must abide by the organization's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, whether or not they are working on a client's project or performing construction calculations for a building. More information on the ethics documents and the preliminary presentation can be followed at the links to the left.

Intermodal Transit Center Final Project

Part 3: Final Project Drawings and Workscopes

The final phase of the project required that the scope of work and the cost estimate be written up in addition to the drawing set. A total of 18 sheets were created on the drawing set, six pertaining to the site and none pertaining to the building. Due to the building's two story height and its connection to the pedestrian bridge elevators were required to be included. The pedestrian bridge connects the building to the westbound platform, and the building itself is subdivided into two areas (public and private). Drainage calculations and lighting/landscape plans were also necessary to be drawn up, as the building's site requires a sufficient amount of drainage to be used in accordance with state regulations. More information on the final project submission can be accessed via the links on the left.

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