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Architectural Design III


A 400 acre site located in Oakdale between Montauk Highway and the Great South Bay that was a private estate in the early 20th century was purchased by a non-profit educational institution. This site hosted several education institutions that used the original estate house and added other buildings. Once the property was rezoned with a planned land preservation, the organization was permitted to maintain the existing core of the campus and develop housing on the site.

Project 1

Architectural Program

In order to compose the architectural program for this building, several basic elements will need to be identified. This includes a multipurpose gymnasium with flexible seating, two racquetball courts, a fencing area, a weight training room, support facilities, and mechanical elements (as well as administrative offices).

Project 2

Proposal Design

A proposal for the building is designed according to the architectural program that was composed. Using the specified AEC format (ranging from .007 inch thickness to .079 inch thickness) is the only way that the proposal can be correctly realized.

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